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Battery anode material powder mill



Powder is an aggregate composed of many small particles. Due to the excellent bulk density and chemical stability of spherical powders, the market demand rate for spherical powders is increasing. For example the battery anode with price even 3,000-10,000usd per ton, there is a big market with the development of green car. The spherical powder is generally obtained by powder reshaping, reshaping process will generally use series of mechanical shaping equipment, due to the rotation speed between the shaping equipment is different, the powder through the process of each adjacent equipment is polished into a round. But the rate of traditional equipment is very low, and the electricity consumption is very large, the overall work efficiency is very low, and caused a lot of waste of materials.

Our company independently develops a new type of spherical powder equipment. This shaping equipment uses pneumatic force to grind irregular particles into spherical or near spherical shape, so as to improve the fluidity of particles, increase the loose density, compaction density and specific surface area, and greatly reduce the power consumption of the equipment.

  1. Capacity: 1 ton per day per set. 60kg/hour. Japanese supplier only 20kg/ hour
  2. Electricity saving: Compared with traditional equipment, it can save about 2000kwh per day.
  3. Yield rate: more than 90%  traditional equipment 50%