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Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment


  1. High-tech innovation products:”low temperature plasma technology is electronic, chemical and catalytic synthesis of electrochemical process. It is a new field of technological innovation. Depend on plasma in strong electric field ionization energy to crack harmful gas of chemical bond. Thus destroy the molecular structure of exhaust gas, purpose of purification.
  2. This equipment can remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganic matter. The main pollutants, such as: hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptan and various stench, etc. Deodorization efficiency can reach more than 98%.  For long-term accumulated stench and peculiar smell, it can remove within 24 hours with strong ability to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in air and mouldproof function. Deodorization effect issued more than state of odorous pollutants discharge level standard.
  3. Adaptable: lasting purification function, It do not need specialist to take care. It can adapt to the high concentration different gaseous substances purification treatment. For the high temperature to 250 ℃and low temperature to – 50 ℃. It can adapt especially in humid and air humidity environment
  4. Low energy consumption: It is very low operating cost. To processing 1000 m3/h odor gas, the power consumption just 0.25 Kw/h. This equipment operation is simple. It do not need for personnel management and daily maintenance. If any fault, it can automatic stop and alarm. We just need to check on a regular basis.
  5. Equipment combination: the low temperature plasma products can be standing or lying according to site requirement. It aslo can series connection or parallel connection according to gas concentration, flow rate and composition of string, etc. So that to get more perfect of exhaust gas purification.
  6. Long service life of equipment: this equipment is made by stainless steel material, copper, molybdenum materials, epoxy resin, such as material composition, the oxidation resistance is strong, gas to acid and alkali, damp environment has a good anti-corrosion performance, etc. The service life will more than 15 years.
  7. Security”low temperature plasma equipment used in voltage under 36 volts, safe and reliable.

Parameter form :

Industrial wast gas UV photolysis purification equipment
Lamp specification=800MM ; Power:150W/pcVoltage:200v/50hz
ModelAirflow(m3/H)Power(Kw)Lamp Q’ty(pc)DimensionIn and outlet