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Continuous Waste Tires Pyrolysis Equipment


The waste tire or plastic is heated without oxygen so that the polymers are decomposed and gasified into shorter chains of hydrocarbons. This process is called pyrolysis, which is a mature technology for batch model pyrolysis plant in China. But for the continuous model pyrolysis plant, few suppliers can make it well.

Continuous pyrolysis machine
Capacity: 10,000T/Year; 20,000T/Year; 30,000T/Year
Waste tire continuous pyrolysis machine Process
→ The waste tire is shredded into tire block first and then grinded into powder.
→ Heat the reactor with external energy, such as diesel oil(about 600-900kg) or natural gas.
→The tire powder is continuously to be fed into the drum reactor.
→ The tire powder is converted into gas and carbon black in the reactor.
→ The gas goes into the condensers. Some gas is cooled down to liquid oil. Some is No Condensable Gas, we call it NCG. The NCG will be used as fuel to heat the reactor, so no need external energy any more.
→ The oil goes into oil tank and carbon black will be automatically transferred to the carbon black refining system to make pellets.
→ The flue gas produced by the pyrolysis line will be cleaned to meet the environmental standard then discharged.

The project of waste tyre recycling line
Step 1:Cut the OTR tire to two pieces

OTR Tire Size: Tire Diameter <1.6m, Thickness<1m

1. Motor power: 18.5kw
2.Size: 5000mmx4000mmx3000mm
3. Weight: 7000kg
4.Cutting time for one OTR Tire: 8-10 minutes
5. Tire loading time: 5-8 minutes
6. Capacity: 2-4 OTR tires/hour
7. Knife: one knife can cut 10-20 OTR tires (the wear cost of knife is about 1usd).
Step 2:Cut the two pieces to strip

1. Motor power: 22KW
2.Size: 5000mm x 2600mm x 2400mm
3. Weight 4000kg
4. The cutting time: 8-10 minutes
5. Loading time: 5-4 minutes
6. Capacity:4-6 tires/hour.
7. A pair of disc cutters can cut 1000-3000 tires
9. The diameter of disc cutter is 900mm
Remark: this system also includes Ring Steel Separator for OTR tire.

Ring Steel Wire Separator

The ring steel wire separator separates the ring steel wire through the extrusion of double groove rollers and the speed ratio difference between the two groove rollers, which well maintains the physical properties of the steel wire, the rubber can be reused and avoids environmental pollution. It is the best equipment for dealing with the ring of waste tires
1. Motor power: 40KW
2. Size: 3200mm x 1600mm x 2200mm
3. Weight 8000kg
4. Capacity:10 pc/hour.
5. A pair of disc cutters can cut 1000-3000 tires
6. The diameter of disc cutter is 900mm
Step 3 Shred the tire strip to tire block

Tire block size: 60-120mm
Capacity: 3t / h
Weight : 12 tons
Size: 4800 * 1800 * 2200mm
Chamber size:1220*950*680mm
Motor power: 55kw+55kw
Blade size: 500*60mm
Blade material: 9crsi or H13
Number of blades: 20
Shaft: 40Cr
Spindle speed: 15-20rpm
Tire block size:20-50mm
Capacity: 3t / h
Weight:8 tons
Size: 4000 * 1800 * 2000mm
Chamber size:820*750*600mm
Motor power:45kw+45kw
Blade size:400*20mm
Blade material: 9crsi or H13
Number of blades:40
Shaft: 40Cr
Spindle speed: 15-20rpm

Step 4:Crush tire block to tire powder


Tire powder size: 20mesh
Capacity: 1.2 ton/hour
Total Size:16.5*9m
Total Weight: 31.5 tons
Crusher weight: 24.5 tons
Crusher size: 5500mmx2300mmx1700mm
Crusher power: 185KW
Step 5:Convert tyre powder to oil and carbon black with continuous pyrolysis line

Pyrolysis line

Capacity: 1 ton tire power/hour
Size: 45*10*7m
Working power: 70kw/hour
Oil production rate: 38-45%
Carbon Black production rate:45-50%
No Condensable Gas production rate: 10-15%
Pyrolysis process description:
1.Waste tyre powder go into the reactor
2.Reactor inside temperature about 400 Degree Celsius.
3.The tyre powder will not burn in the reactor because there no oxygen. It will become oil gas.
Burning can produce a lot of harmful substances. Pyrolysis will not. Just produce oil gas and carbon black.
4.Oil gas go into condensers. It becomes liquid oil.

Oil Price about 600usd per ton
Pyrolysis also produce carbon black.

Carbon black price about 200usd per ton
The old tyres are non-degradable waste. They will not disappear for a long time if you do not deal with it. They can be changed into oil and carbon black with the pyrolysis line. It is good for environment protection.