Continuous Municipal Solid Waste pyrolysis Equipment

Continuous Waste Tires Pyrolysis Equipment

Continuous Municipal Solid Waste pyrolysis Equipment


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) pyrolysis to Electricity project

The plastic, woven fabric, waste paper, wood waste of MSW can be converted to gas. Then the  gas can be used for generator or Turbine. The equipment includes waste sorting equipment, waste pyrolysis equipment, gas purification equipment, gas generator.


The sorted MSW enters the pyrolysis gasifier through the conveying equipment, and first enters the drying section at 150 ℃, Dehumidification (including molecular water); dry waste enters the pyrolysis layer. When the temperature is 200 ℃ ~ 650 ℃, different substances are pyrolyzed to produce alkanes, hydrocarbons, olefins and other combustible gases; when the temperature is 800 ℃, substances enter the oxidation section to produce carbides; part of carbides burn to produce a temperature of about 1000 ℃, so that CO2 gas and C react to produce CO gas. This stage is the gasification section; steam enters the fire layer After that, one is to adjust the furnace temperature, the other is to produce H2 and CO gas to complete the whole process of pyrolysis and gasification. After purification, the gasified gas is sent to the generator set for power generation. It can also be used as fuel to heat the boiler without power generation.